Found in Translation: Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Message



The following is my translation of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s message addressed to the nation on the occasion of the February 14th rally.


Noble nation of Iran,

Greeting and salutation to you.  Following your February 14th glorious march, the great achievement of the nation and the Green Movement that was participated by all layers of people from the brave men and women of the society , formed against disbelief of many skeptics and authoritarians,  your glorious movement was attacked from two sides: on one hand it was attacked by authoritarians who have been eyeing positions, status, and riches of gold and power in the future; and on the other hand, foreigners’ attempts and wave of international jockeys for attainment of their wishes, which both have tried to attribute the Movement to that of Zionism and America and their followers.

This is while the great honor of the Green Movement is in its independence and reliance on the nation’s massive might.  The Green Movement has always kept a distance from foreigners, and its main goals have been revival of values of the revolution and ideals of the late Imam [Khomeini], and the honorable nation’s liberal and diverse demands, and has always tried to pursue its goals by peaceful means, emphasizing on the fundamental principle of the inherent goodness of humans, and recognizing the right of the nation for sovereignty over their own lives, and unabridged implementation of the constitution.  This humble companion of yours, with congratulations for the occasion of the stunning resistance of the people, extends his condolences for the martyrdom of the proud nation’s dear children.

Hossein Mousavi

Tehran – February 15, 2011

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