Reporters & Iran

The love hate relationship between the international media and IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is no secret. Ever since the revolution, for more reasons than one, foreign media have tried to have an Iran based permanent representative. Many international reporters have begun and made their careers in Iran.

Sensing this desire, the Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all, have used it to their advantage in the form of letting it be known the fluffier and pro IRR biased the coverage of their activities, the more access the foreign media reporter would have to them. And conversely, the more professional and conscientious the reporter, the less access with the real and often exercised possibility of expulsion and non-renewal of their press passes.  

Now that it has become impossible to paint a rosy picture of the dire situation on the ground, the official organ overseeing foreign media presence in Iran, the Ministry of Culture, has issued a stark warning.

The Islamist Rapist in charge of the foreign media at the Islamist Guidance Ministry, Muhammad Javad Agha-Jerry has told their Fars News:

“We try to cooperate with Iran based foreign media offices and reporters and in various ways we inform them of our expectation of them, and they too let us know of their expectations and demands.”

The Islamist Rapist concludes by saying:

“In this regard, there is no leniency in any shape or form. Given Iran is the arena of important international news, [and] since the foreign media offices know that we are fully aware of all their activities and reporting, they do not want to have their connection with Iran to be severed and be forced to leave.”


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