Mousavi & Karoubi work for Israel

Some leaders of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, have been working for Israel, most probably her legendary intelligence service, Mossad.

This is no mudslinging by an enemy of the Islamist Rapists; this revelation comes directly from the horse’s mouth, the government owned Hezbollah in Iran.  

The two-term IRR Prime Minister, Mousavi, the apple of mass murderer “Imam Khomeini’s” eye, and his Islamist comrade, Karoubi, a former Speaker of the Islamist Rapists’ ersatz parliament, are in fact tools of the Israelis.

If true, what does that say about the rest of them Islamist Rapists?

In other word, how can anyone certify that the Head Rapist Khamenei is not being run by the successor to Soviet GRU/KGB or China’s MSS?

Or, disprove the persistent rumor about the “billionaire Mullah” Rafsanjani, being owned and run by the British MI6.  

None of the Islamist Rapist leaders have ever shown any interest in furthering Iran and Iranian’s interests. It stands to reason they might be resident agents of others.  

The question is which powers and to what ultimate end?

And when the truth is revealed after the fall of IRR, which does not seem that far off, wouldn’t the rabid Islamists/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies be left with egg on their faces?

Does the ownership of the Toudeh party chiefs and the separatists by the Soviets ring a bell?

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