desperate times, Desperate actions.

Recently, since the magnificent demos back home on  25 Bahman (14th Feb), I have noticed something curious on our little corner of cyber space, the

The usual hyper active gang of islamist “supporters”, after an initial phase of silence (shock), went into a bizzare orgy of personal attacks, using the foulest language on other members, resulting in a few being blocked from the site. One or two just resigned!

The second phase, started immediately after the equally magnificent 1 Esfand demo (20th Feb). All of a sudden we got members with comical user ID’s and personas (e.g. A bored  housewife, a full blooded flag waving American, all in love with the islamist regime and full of hatred for the “zionists”, yea right!!) who never commented before,  as long as I’ve been here, lecturing us on:

Changing ourselves from within. Revolution is bad for Iran!

We need the Bassijis to defend us, because MKO is about to take over . Revolution is bad for Iran!

Love thy Bassiji Neighbour! Revolution is bad for Iran!

Mousavi/Karoubi same as Ahmadi. Revolution is bad for Iran! 

OK, Islamist regime is not perfect, but so isnt canada or US! No Revolution in Iran! 

You get the drift, dont you?

My question  for these “out of the blue” memebrs, slightly critical, yet madly in love with the islamist regime  is:

Where were you only a month ago when your beloved Islamist regime was hanging Iranian prisoners at the rate of one person every 8 hours? Why did you not lecture your other Islamist friends here who were openly cheering the execution of Iranians, asking for more blood? Why did you not preach them Love, peace and change from within?

Also do you not know that according to your islamist friends here we are all just a bunch of “Had been monarchists, zionists, MKO, communists (did I miss anybody?) ,  Iran hating exiles”? So why are you even wasting your times on us? shouldn’t you be instead watching super Bowl or cooking hot wings for your husband for when he’ll be watching super Bowl?

Which takes me full circle back to where I started:

Desperate times………

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