Distortion & Disinformation: A Guide to Iran’s Human Rights Crisis

The Campaign has compiled public statements made by Larijani and other Iranian officials in this report and compared them with Iran’s actual human rights record. Please download, read, and recommend to others.

Iran as a founding member of the United Nations, and party to the major international human rights instruments, while upholding the promotion of principles enshrined in its constitution, and while ensuring its full compliance with the relevant international commitments, has taken a genuine and long-term approach to safeguard human rights.

– Mohammad-Javad Larijani during Iran’s Universal Periodic Review, 15 February 2010

Two years after the disputed presidential election of 2009, the human rights situation in Iran continues to deteriorate. The country has become enveloped in a profound human rights crisis marked by systematic violations of both international law and the rights protected by Iran’s own constitution. The government has been engaged in a binge of executions, routine torture, and mass arbitrary detentions.

Journalists, human rights defenders, civil society activists, as well as, minority ethnic and religious groups face growing repression. Authorities, moreover, repeatedly silence domestic efforts to hold the government accountable.

Amidst this deepening crisis, Iranian officials are doing all they can to prevent outside scrutiny of human rights conditions in the country, while proclaiming to respect their international obligations. Mohammad-Javad Larijani, head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, along with other officials representing Iran abroad, consistently obfuscate any serious international discussion of the country’sdeteriorating human rights record by engaging in distortion or misrepresentation of facts and by diverting criticism with discussion of issues extraneous to their record.

In this guide, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran examines statements made publicly by Larijani and other officials regarding the Iranian government’s human rights record, and compares those statements to the actual record as documented by international human rights organizations and United Nations human rights bodies.

Despite the Iranian government’s attempts to publically sanitize its human rights record, realities on the ground paint an increasingly grim picture.

Distortion & Disinformation: A Guide to Iran’s Human Rights Crisis (Download PDF)

Visit: www.iranhumanrights.org

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