IRANDOKHT: Tribute to Princess Azadeh Shafigh Pahlavi (1951-2011)

Princess Azadeh Shafigh, daughter of Princess Ashraf and her Egyptian husband Ahmed Chafik Bey died on Wednesday February 23rd, 2011 in Paris after a long battle against leukemia at age 60.

Below is the official announcement of the démise of the Brave Princess who like her Brother Shahriar fought like a Lion and remained Loyal to King and Country to the very end but lost only against the enemy within: Cancer !

It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Princess Azadeh Shafigh Pahlavi.

We are deeply saddened to learn the passing away of Azadeh Shafigh, sister of Shahryar Shafigh who was assassinated in Paris aftermath of the Islamic Coup!

 She was very much loved, admired and respected by the opponents of the Islamic Regime for her courage and her love for Iran. 

–Secretariat of HIM Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (

Official Website)

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Another Genuine IRANDOKHT Responds in Today’s ILLEGITIMATE Islamic Republic of Iran:


Fereidoun Farrokhzad « Ham Razmanam » :

The Sassanian Knight :

A Loyal activist in favor of Restoringthe Constitutional Monarchy she founded a newspaper entitled IRAN AZAD with thehelp of a fellow compatriot Behrooz Soor Esrafil. She also participated in the TABARZIN Operation in the mid 80’s during which bold Royalists highjacked a Military Ship ( purchased from France’s Cherbourg naval industry during the Shah’s time about to be delivered to the IRI) en route to Iran on the Coast of Spain to mark their opposition to the Islamic Republic. The Operation was a major media stint that drew attention in the world medias. The group headed by Vice Admiral Kamal Habibollahi eventually delivered the boat and it’s crew safe and sound as well as the Ship on grounds that their intention was not to highjack the Ship but opposed France’s Arms sales to both Iran and Iraq in the bloody lingering War but also their opposition to Regime in Tehran. They pledged Loyalty to King and Country as well as to the Iranian Army back home fighting Saddam Hussein.

Fereidoun Farrokhzad « Sarbaz » :

General Mohagheghi on Televised interrogation over the Failed Nojeh Coup:

Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani, and Arash Rahmanipour, members of “Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran” 

executed by IRI after televised trial:

The Spirit of Chivalry of Sassanian Knights :


About Princess Ashraf’s children born to her 3 successive marriages:

Princess Ashraf ul-Mulki Pahlavi

(born 26 October 1919), is the twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran andthe Pahlavi Dynasty. She currently resides Paris, France. Princess Ashraf is the oldest living member of her family. Since the Iranian Revolution, she has kept an extremely low profile andwith the exception of a memoir published in the mid-1990s, has not made any public appearances or interviews since 1981.

Ashraf Pahlavi visits a hospital 1951 (theyear Princess Azadeh was born):

HIH Princess Ashraf – The Brave Heart:

Her first marriage (m. March 1937 – div. 1942) was with Mirza ‘Ali Muhammed Khan Ghavam, Nasir ud-Daula (b. 1911). Ghavam was the Assistant Military Attachéat Washington DC in 1941 and the eldest son of H.H. Mirza Ibrahim Khan Ghavam,Qavam ul-Mulk. She has one son from her first husband:

H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Shahram Pahlavi-Nia (b. 18 April 1940, Tehran)

Her second marriage (m. 1944,Cairo (nikah) – div. 1959, Tehran (zifaf)) was with (Sahib ul-Izza) Ahmed ChafikBey (b. 21 September 1911; m. second, Deloris Pianezzola, and died from cancer in 1976, in Tehran). He was the Director-General of Civil Aviation and forth son of H.E. (Hazrat Sahib ul-Sa’ada) Ahmad Shafiq Pasha, the Minister of the Khedivial Court of Egypt. They had one son and one daughter:

Captain H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Shahriar Mustapha Chafik (b. 15 March 1945, Maadi, Cairo – k. 7 December 1979, Paris, France).He was killed by an assassination in Paris, France.

H.H. Princess (Vala Gohari) Azadeh Pahlavi-Chafik (b. 1951)

Finally, she married for a third time on 5 June 1960 (at at the Iranian Embassy in Paris, France) with Dr. Mehdi Bushehri (b. 1916), who is the Director of theMaison d’Iran at Paris. They do not have children together.

In an 1980 interview with New York Times journalist Judy Klemesrud, Pahlavi stated, “I have never been a good mother. Because of my way of life, I was not with my children very much”. Additionally, while Pahlavi was living in exile in New York, her husband Mehdi Bushehri remained in Paris and the two rarely saw each other.

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