Military Official: Zionists Fearful of Iran’s Power


TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian military official hailed Iran’s
might and power as a deterrent to enemy threats against the country,
saying that the Zionist regime’s sensitivity to the presence of the
Iranian Navy’s fleet of warships in the Mediterranean waters is rooted
in its fear of Iran’s power.

“The reason lies in the Zionists’ horror of Iran; feeling so much
fear is, of course, very good and God willing Zionists will die in their
horror,” Deputy Head of Iran’s Armed Forces General Staff for Logistic
and Industrial Researches General Mohammad Hejazi told FNA on Sunday.

The Iranian Navy dispatched its first training and operational fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden late January.

The fleet of warships left the country’s first naval zone, carrying a number of Iranian Navy cadets to the Gulf of Aden.

Hejazi reiterated that the fleet of warships has been dispatched to
convey a message of peace and friendship and has no military mission,
reminding that such moves are common in the world.

“The mission of the Navy’s fleet of warships is maintenance and
promotion of its preparedness and capabilities and it has no specific
military mission,” he underlined.

During the mission, the Iranian Navy cadets are due to be trained
and made prepared for d… >>>

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