The Will of Vahshi Bafghi



وصیت نامه وحشی بافقی
The Will of Vahshi Bafghi

روز مرگم، هر که شیون کند از دور و برم دور کنید
همه را مســــت و خراب از مــــی انــــگور کنیـــــد

On my dying day,
whoever wails, move them away from me,
and far!
With grape wine,
get them drunk and waste them all

مزد غـسـال مرا سیــــر شــــرابــــــش بدهید
مست مست از همه جا حـــال خرابش بدهید

Wages of my mortician,
pay him with plenty of wine
Intoxicate him drunk out of every place,
give him his wasted share

بر مزارم مــگــذاریــد بـیـــاید واعــــــظ
پـیــر میخانه بخواند غــزلــی از حــــافـــظ

Don’t let preachers come to my grave
Let the old tavern-patron read ode from Hafez

جای تلقــیـن به بالای سرم دف بـــزنیـــد
شاهدی رقص کند جمله شما کـــف بزنید

Instead of empathy,
play daf above my head
Let a witness dance,
the rest of you clap your hands

روز مرگــم وسط سینه من چـــاک زنیـد
اندرون دل مــن یک قـلمه تـاک زنـیـــــــد

On my dying day,
tear up center of my chest
Inside my heart,
plant a cutting of vine

روی قــبـــرم بنویـسیــد وفــــادار برفـــت
آن جگر سوخته خسته از این دار برفــــت

On my grave,
write, “The Loyal has Departed”
He, the tormented,
left the world exhausted


Footnote: The above poem, including its title as used here, has appeared online several thousands times.  It is widely claimed to be that of Vahshi Bafghi’s; a claim that is passionately disputed by others. 

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