Islam sucks, Pakistan blows and Iran stinks?

“Islam blows.” A public joke like that in Iran can get you executed … by law! “Mohammad may have been a horny and ruthless tyrant who badly copy & pasted a bunch of Jewish crap.” Declare that possibility, and the Paki Blasphemy laws will decapitate you.  

Or even less – much less, just announce that: “I was born Muslim, but don’t believe in Islam anymore.” Guess what? Your sentence may be commuted down to a mere death by hanging!  

Is all that Islamic? Probably! Is all that happening in Pakistan and Iran? Definitely!  

I politely presented the above disturbing facts to an educated Pakistani Muslim, who countered that; “The western world is no better! Here in the US, if I try to enforce the god’s laws that the heretics, the blasphemers and the faggots must be executed – I will go to jail! So what is the difference? It is actually worse that they value the so called freedom of mere decedent mortals, over the freedom & rule of god. Isn’t that much worse than what we have in Pakistan, and you have in Iran?”  

To make the matters worse, that 170 million zealot nation has not only given us the Taliban and supported the Al Qaeda – but it also has produced its own “Dr. Strange Love”, who has blessed them with 150 atomic bombs. Yes, the same Dr. Strange Love who sold the high-speed centrifuge technology to Iran and Libya, in order to enable their Islamic nuclear progress!  

Cyrus the Great:  

Sleep tight …  

As we are about to get royally fucked  

… Again …

By another “close American ally”!

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