There is No Such Thing as a “Moderate Muslim” 2

Thank you all, who cared enough to comment coherently on my previous blog. It meant a lot to me.

I honestly tried to make sure that the English I used to make my point was sufficiently clear and concise. However, for those who didn’t get it the first time, I see no harm in presenting my case in somewhat different terms, again.

What I am trying to say is that based on the paradigm and the ground rules that the nature of Islam and the commands and the scripture of Quran itself establish, it is logically impossible for a person to be identified as being “moderately” Muslim; just like it is impossible for a woman to be identified as being “moderately” pregnant. That’s it! That’s what I meant by “There is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Muslim’.”

If you say Quran is holy and it is the direct word of Allah “the almighty and omnipotent,” then you who decides to call him/herself a Muslim must submit fully and leave no room for yourself to play it half-cocked and half-assed. Once you neglect or disobey even one command, then you are not fully “submitting,” and therefore aren’t a “Muslim” by definition, and labeling won’t apply; “moderate” or otherwise.

May be I should have also stressed that, on the flip side, execution of no command in Quran should be viewed as an extreme action, as far as Islam is concerned. Quran tells you what to do and you the Muslim do it. Period. Be it praying peacefully five times a day and fasting piously during Ramadan, or sending as many “Infidels and Kuffar” as you can to “Hell,” say, with the detonation of a Nuclear device in Manhattan. Either way, you are just carrying out your duty as a Muslim per order of Allah.

So again, as far as Islam is considered, one is either a Muslim, or not. “Moderation” or “extremism” are not relevant terms in the discussion of practicing Islam and obeying the commands of Allah as prescribed by his very words in his book, Quran.

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