In the Arab crisis, Iran is winning

Arab crisis affects the majority of the leading states. But, experts
interviewed by the daily news publication Trud have come to the
conclusion that the United States, Israel, and Russia will suffer most
from the destabilization of the situation in the Middle East, while
Iran, Turkey and Syria will have everything to gain.
In the Arab crisis, Iran is winning

Crisis in the Middle East is entering a new stage: yesterday, it was
revealed that Egypt’s ex-President, Hosni Mubarak, was summoned to Cairo
for questioning on corruption charges. Meanwhile, the Libyan Air Force
has conducted a bombing campaign on the city of Brega. Experts say that
it is already clear who is enjoying the fruits of the Arab revolutions,
and who will suffer the losses.


Who lost

of the experts who were interviewed by Trud made their conclusions
based on the assumption that after the crisis the Arab world will end up
under the rule of the henchmen of radical political Islam, such as the
Muslim Brotherhood.  

“In Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen,
and Libya the same thing will happen that happened with Palestinian
Autonomy in 2006, when it wasn’t the moderate Fatah party that won in
the democratic election, but the extreme Hamas movement,” says Yevgeny
Satanovsky, president of the Institute of Middle East Studies.  


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