Wear White – Sefeed Push

Our methods need to be clear and very simple. They need to be practical. We need to be able to do it. The purpose needs to be simple and effective. People are dying of hunger. Need I say more.To do it right we need to be united. But we need to know who we are. With the preparation for Noruz on the way, we all need to wear white. Show that you are who you are. Be an Iranian who values Noruz above everything else, by showing white. All the colours of our mind get painted on a white canvas. Make a stand using Noruz preparations in white. Be basic. Be simple.Sephid links to the name of our wiseman’s family called Spitaman. We are all children of Zoroaster. He celebrated Noruz as it goes back to the last alignment 20000 years ago. Throughout history the symbolism is peace and purity. We can all identify with it. The purpose is to show what we are in some fashion over a period of time. So from now on start to put on more and more white things. This is not a one time event. Cultural values are inherent in a country. Iran is one united country during the build up of Noruz. If there is one thing we all agree on it is Noruz. Nothing like “democracy” or “God” will try to confuse an Iranian in Noruz. No ideology will get anywhere in Noruz. It is the strongest spirit of unity in Iran.As such white is not a symbol of opposition, as we get white when all colours are combined. That is a scientific fact. Get rid of colours and white and you have nothing. We are not nothing. So show your solidarity with others preparing for Noruz by showing white clothing. At the start wear white shirt, then other items. It won’t happen instantly. But by the time Noruz comes around even your shoes could be white. White flags everywhere. White balloons everywhere. It is peaceful, it is Iran.

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