Young artisan makes maquette of Persepolis

TEHRAN — Imagine Persepolis historical site 75 times smaller than its original size displayed on several tables with every minor detail, the images, bas-reliefs and pillars all in one location! 

It seems hard to imagine but it is possible. Created over the past 14 years, young civil engineer, Mohammad-Mehdi Fat’hinejadfard from Fars region, has spent his youth, his devotion and his energy into making the maquette. 

Fat’hinjead began the project when he was 20, having constantly worked on the project over the past years. The maquette is made of plaster that is used to make dental teeth molds. The entire site has been divided into 14 smaller parts. 

“At first I planned to work on the Apadana Palace only but when I completed the work, I decided to continue and work on the entire site,” he told the Persian service of ISNA. 


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