Deny the Holocaust and go to prison

Those who think that Europe
is a “beacon of freedom” and “heaven of liberty” should give themselves
an opportunity to reconsider what they had simplistically believed for
so long.

Tens of people, including high-ranking academicians and
authors from various nationalities who simply dared question the
veracity of Holocaust accounts as described by the Jewish and Zionist
historians, are spending their life in the underground jails and prisons
of the European countries which we are conventionally told to know as
beacons of freedom and heavens of democracy.

There are many
people around the world who have come to the conclusion that “political
prisoner” is an unknown and strange phenomenon in the Western world.
They have credulously believed that West gives them the unconditional
freedom of speech and action they want and allows them to express
whatever they think.

The Western world, through its powerful
state-owned mouthpieces, has made intense efforts to institutionalize
this notion that absolute freedom and unconditional democracy “must” be
sought in the West because it’s impossible to realize and implement
freedom and democracy in the rest of the world.

But has anybody
ever challenged this straw man argument? There’s hard evidence which
demonstrates that the West, including the United States a…

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