Is Obama dithering over Libya?

Commentators discuss US President Barack Obama’s strategy over the Libyan uprising.

David Frum says in the Telegraph Mr Obama appears in no hurry to see Gaddafi go, perhaps because the president fears that a revolution in Libya could open the door to Islamist terrorism:

“Would Obama prefer a Gaddafi victory? If that sounds implausible, then just look at the record. On March 3, Obama announced that Gaddafi “must go”. Two weeks have passed since then – and more than a month since the uprising began on February 15. In the interim, the tide of war has turned in Gaddafi’s favour. Yet Obama has done nothing to make his own words reality. Every proposal – from the no-fly zone and aid to rebels, to recognition of a provisional government – has somehow become bogged down… The Obama administration may not care to admit it, but it did make a decision, and one of benefit to Gaddafi. Why? Perhaps President Obama reasoned something along these lines: “Yes, Gaddafi is a very bad guy… But things could be worse. Tribal leaders, fighting each other, inspired by Islamic ideology – all just 300 miles from the coast of Sicily?”


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