Protester gunned down on film

A SHOCKING video of an unarmed man being gunned down during a protest in Bahrain has emerged.

The unnamed man is heard chanting ‘God is great’ before he falls in a crackle of gunfire.

It is further evidence that the tiny Gulf nation is sliding into chaos as troops crack down on anti-government demonstrators.

Bahraini troops, who are backed by soldiers from neighbouring Saudi Arabia, have been heavily criticised for their brutal repression of the protests, which have left at least six dead, and hundreds injured.

The amateur video supports the rumours coming from Bahrain that government forces are opening fire on the crowds, who are demanding a move towards democracy.

The man in the video is clearly unarmed, holding his hands in the air as he chants “Allah el Akbar”.

But then gunfire echoes and the man collapses into a heap on the road.

He can be heard groaning in agony as bystanders pull him into the back of a car, his trousers drenched with blood.

He was taken to hospital — but his fate is unknown.


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