President Obama: What is the difference between Libya and Iraq, or Iran or…

What if the Tea Party rallied to call for the overthrow of the Obama regime by illegal means?
March 18, 2011  

the behest of the United States yesterday (3-17-11) the United Nations
adopted a resolution authorizing “all necessary measures” against Libya.
It is now being reported that military officials from Britain, France,
Italy and some Arab countries are now planning military action,
including imposing a “no fly zone” to prevent Libyan forces from using
aircraft to put down a rebellion that has been going on for weeks now.

Barack Obama at first “exercised restraint” in responding to the Libyan
rebellion and then offered stronger words in the last few days. It has
been reported that he has resisted calls, primarily from Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton to intercede with American military force in
Libya. But now it appears that Obama is headed toward committing
Americans to the fight.

UPDATE: The above was written on
Thursday (3-17-11) night. On Friday (3-18-11) morning EDT Libya
announced that it had declared a “creasefire,” thus apparently
sidestepping the threat of military force against it. We suspect that
is because Lybia believes it can accomplish its objectives of dealing
with the rebels without risking an external at… >>>

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