IDF Seizes Gaza Bound Weapons ship enroute from Turkey

Whoever said ‘I bet the weapons originated in Iran’ gets a special prize:


Israeli Navy personnel seized a German merchant vessel transporting weapons from Syria to Gaza 200 miles west off Israel’s coast on Tuesday. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the “Victoria” ship sailed under the Liberian flag and was carrying various types of weapons.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed his finger at Iran, claiming it provided the Gaza-bound weapons.

The Prime Minister noted he authorised the Navy operation on Monday night. “We had reason to assume the ship carried weapons meant to hurt Israeli citizens.

The source of the weapons is Iran,” he said. Netanyahu further added, “The takeover was carried out mid sea in accordance with international law. The ship is being escorted to Ashdod. ”

The IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit said that the takeover was carried out swiftly and did not meet any resistance. The ship was later escorted back to the Israeli shore by Navy vessels for more scans.

A preliminary probe suggests the ship’s crew was not aware of the weapons concealed on board the vessel.

On its way from Syria to Alexandria, Egypt the ship docked at Turkey’s Mersin Port. It is estimated that the weapons on board were intended for terror groups operating in the Gaza Strip.

Turkey was in no way connected to the ship as far as … >>>

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