A war monger review, looking at the articles advocating a US war with Libya

Summary:  It’s astonishing to see the craziness that
Americans consider geopolitical analysis.  There are sophomores in other
nations that would consider these to simplistic to take seriously. 
That such work forms the mainstream of US foreign policy illustrates the
decline of America.  Clarity and depth of thought decline first,
eroding away our power and stability.

Rather than attempt to summarize their articles, this post provides
brief reviews of various hawks’ cries for war.  Read the articles for
yourself and decide.  Should America act as the unpaid policeman to the

About the title:  for details see “, David Kopel (attorney, research director for the Independence Institute), The Volokh Conspiracy, 17 March 2011

A few points about this.

  • In a largely tribal society cheering crowds tell us nothing about

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