Muslims Deface War Memorial with hate graffiti – for 2nd time

Muslims Deface War Memorial with hate graffiti – for 2nd time And as usual – the dhimmified Christian clergy rush to make excuses and protect muslims when the REAL problem is right before their rose-colored glassed eyes = Muslims!!!!!!!!! The people in the Burton area need to “calmly”? address this outrage- immediately- and STOP the intentional defilement of their city and their honorable War Memorial.

Muslim Vandals daub hate signs on war memorial

A WAR memorial has been sprayed with extremist Islamic graffiti less than a year after a similar attack in the same town.

Church and community leaders yesterday appealed for calm after the latest outrage in Burton, ­Staffordshire.

They spoke out after enraged residents discovered the words “Support Taliban” on the ­newly-erected monument in the outlying village of Stretton.

A local bus shelter was also vandalised and daubed with the slogan “Jihad 4 Iraq”.

Last April, the words “Islam will dominate the world – Osama is on his way” and “Kill Gordon Brown” were written on a cenotaph in the town centre three miles away.

The memorial to Stretton’s war dead was erected just six months ago following a 20-year campaign to provide a focus for remembrance in the village.

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