‘114 Libyans killed in US-led strikes’

says at least 114 people, including several civilians, have been killed
and 445 others injured in a week-long campaign of US-led military
airstrikes in the oil-rich country.

“From March 20 to March 23, the attacks have killed 114 people and
injured 445 people,” the Libyan State TV quoted Libyan Health Minister
Khaled Omar as saying at a press conference in Tripoli on Saturday.

According to government figures, 104 people were killed in the
capital Tripoli — the city of 2 million that is most firmly in
Gaddafi’s grip and some other suburbs — while another 10 civilians lost
their lives in Sirte, the hometown of the Libyan strongman.

Meanwhile, on the eight day of the US-led military operations on
Saturday, the British, French and US warplanes hit civilian and military
sites in Tripoli and Zliten. Several large explosions were heard in

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told his US counterpart Barack
Obama on Thursday that preventing deaths of civilians in Libya should be
the overriding priority for the Western forces participating in the
Libya war.

The situation in Libya’s third-largest city, Misrata, which is some
210 km (130 miles) east of Tripoli and has a population of more than
half a million, is much worse than the other areas.

On Thursday, the Western al…

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