USA arms former Soviet states to make them attack Iran

The USA intends to contain Russia and Iran in the Caspian area. At the
same time, the US is planning to help Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and
Kazakhstan develop their navies. A report published on EurasiaNet said
that the US administration emphasizes the increasing importance of
Caspian Sea security and the possibility of the sea’s militarization.”
above-mentioned countries are planning to build their navies “more or
less from scratch” in spite of the fact that Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan
and Kazakhstan have impressive flotillas in the Caspian Sea, especially

Moreover, a comparison of naval forces shows that the
strongest country in the region (except for Russia, of course) is
Azerbaijan. For instance, the navy of Azerbaijan is stronger than that
of Iran.

EurasiaNet says that “it’s hard to tell how serious the
new plans are, but it does seem to be a concerted effort to build naval
capacity in the Caspian.”

US journalists give certain examples of
how Washington is going to develop its military and technical
cooperation in the region. First off, the Americans intend to increase
the power of Azerbaijan’s navy, which is strong enough already. In
addition, “the United States will continue to work with Azerbaijan’s
navy to increase Caspian maritime security, develop professional
military education, en… >>>

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