Iranian Arabs

I like to use this blog to recognize the contribution of some Iranian
Arabs. As JJ said they are as much Iranian as any other Iranian.

There is a nice list on Wiki about famous Iranian Arabs. 

My favorite is Admiral Shamkhani. While I am not a fan of IR I do appreciate the loyalty of this man to his nation: Iran. He put Iran first and thus put to rest the BS about loyalty. I may not agree with his politics but I respect and admire his patriotism.

Once the IR is gone there will be calls for retribution. I really hope people like him will be spared any “revenge”. Rather given respect due to them for their acts. 

In addition there are Iranian Arabs in Bahrain who are bdly treated by the Bahrain government. We as a single nation must support them. They have a right o be treated with respect and given rights they are due.

Nation first; but race does not matter one tiny bit.

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