Iranian Painter: Rassam Arjangui

This is my first article in IC. My name is Mitra Rabii and I an the great grand daughter of the famous Iranian Painter Rassam.

My family has put together a facebook page with some of his paintings and we are adding more all the time.

Rasssam was a very prolific painter and mastered various styles including: oil; water color; miniature and many other techniques. Most of his paintings are still in Iran. He also did sculpture; poetry; and calligraphy.

My father Faramarz Rabii is administering the page. My grandmother Azar and great aunt Homa both contribued a great deal to gathering this information. On behalf of my family I invite you all to join and become “friends” of Rassam. For the page please see this:!/profile.php?id=100002224972614

Jahanshah was kind enough to give me this opportunity to publicize the page. Thank you all.


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