ElBaradei: US, Europe Weren’t Interested in Compromise With Iran

Officials Withheld Key Info From IAEA Chief in Push for Regime Change

Former IAEA Chief and current Egyptian Presidential candidate
Mohamed ElBaradei has given a high profile interview to Der Spiegel this
week. Though the interview largely centers around domestic politics, it
also delves into his IAEA experience, particularly with respect to the
attempts to broker a deal on Iran.

ElBaradei reported that he was “on the verge of a solution on
several occasions” and that politics had always foiled the efforts. In
particular he accused US and European officials of withholding important

“They weren’t interested in a compromise with the government in
Tehran, but regime change – by any means necessary,” reported ElBaradei.
He also noted the difficulty of trying to broker talks under these

ElBaradei is releasing his memoirs of his time as IAEA chief in a
book to be released next month. It is expected to detail his diplomatic
efforts with Iraq (before the 2003 US invasion) as well as Iran and
North Korea.


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