Libya: Stalemate looms, warns Admiral Mike Mullen

The most senior US soldier, Adm Mike Mullen, has said the war in Libya is “moving towards stalemate”, even though US and Nato air strikes have destroyed 30-40% of Libya’s ground forces.

The US has authorised the use of armed, unmanned Predator drones over Libya to give “precision capabilities”.

Libyan rebels have been battling Col Gaddafi’s troops since February but have recently made little headway.

Adm Mullen also said there was no sign of al-Qaeda in the Libyan opposition.

Speaking to US troops in Iraq, he said radical groups might try to take advantage of the Libyan uprising, but added: “We’re watchful of it, mindful of it and I just haven’t seen much of it at all. In fact, I’ve seen no al-Qaeda representation there at all.”

Last month, a Nato commander said US intelligence


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