Attack on Egyptian pipeline leaves Israel and Jordan’s energy supply at risk

The recent spate of uprisings that swept throughout the Middle East and
North Africa resulted in the overthrow of the Egyptian and Tunisian
governments. As Egypt moves to shift its political model from autocratic
rule to a democracy, it faces a myriad of challenges. On Wednesday, a
bomb detonated on a natural gas pipeline, halting the supplies from
reaching electric power plants in Israel and Jordan.

the supply chain disruption is the second such event in the last three
months in the North African country. The explosion occurred during the
early morning hours on Wednesday when five masked gunmen attacked a
measuring station located about one mile outside of the Sinai town of El

Though no one was injured during the attacks, the effects
of the blast are far-reaching, according to analysts. While no group
has claimed responsibility as of yet, suspicions are largely aimed at
Bedouins, a sect that has been battling Egyptian security forces for
several years in the region.

With the Egypitian government
struggling to transition to a democratic model, the attack spurred
concerns that the country’s security forces might be ill-equipped to
protect infrastructure – especially pipelines that are so c… >>>

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