Dear Prime Minister,

I see your image is splashed across the main page of the Conservative
Friends of Israel website and your words warmly endorse that country
and its regime.

Your loyal lieutenant, the foreign secretary William Hague, cancelled
the Syrian ambassador’s Royal Wedding invitation, not that I disagree
with such a move. However, the Syrians are only slaughtering their own
people whereas the Israelis have been slaughtering their neighbours for
63 years in much larger numbers and continue to do so on a daily basis.

The words Dr Mohamed Khodr uses in his petition
to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council calling for a
No-Fly Zone over Gaza describe the appalling situation in the Holy Land
excellently well…

For 44 years of Israel’s brutal military occupation of the
West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza, the world has been complicit with
this illegal occupation in its silence to the suffering, death, injury,
home demolitions, imprisonment and torture of civilians, constant
confiscation of Palestinian land to build illegal settlements that now
house over 500,00 settlers, the Judaization of Jerusalem, destruction of
mosques and excavation of Muslim cemeteries, theft of… >>>

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