Israel’s gas supply under threat

A poll of 1,000 Egyptians, conducted by the Pew Research Center on
April 25, found that 54 percent wanted to annul the peace treaty. Landau
said his country should be prepared for a situation where “gas flow
from Egypt would stop.”

All the uncertainty surrounding the gas line has forced Israel to
consider its alternatives. For the time being, its domestic supply is
thought to be enough to float the country for at least a year. What
Israel will do after that, however, is anyone’s guess.

The country can rely partly on the Yam Tethys gas field, which is off
Ashkelon’s coast. It can also always fall back on more polluting fuels
like oil and coal. But such alternate arrangements cost Israel $1.5
million a day, according to government figures. In addition to its
current domestic gas supply, Israel also has recently discovered two
larger reserves off its coast, but production is not scheduled to begin
until 2013.

Some Israelis, however, don’t think the attacks are a sign of
deteriorating relations between Israel and Egypt. Instead, they say, the
attacks are simply the result of poor security in the Sinai Peninsula.

“The sabotage is not directed against Israel, but has to do with
problems relating to law enforcement in Sinai,&qu… >>>

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