The Tea Party Creams Labor

 To Tea Partiers and supporters of the Far Right, Madison, Wisconsin has become the latest “Shining City Upon a Hill,” where one of their courageous leaders, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, is waging a heroic battle to tame big government and balance the state’s budget.  American Exceptionalism has always defined liberty as keeping government off our backs while providing a system of order that protects and expands the rights of private property owners….Just look at the crude and brutal simplicity of Walker’s argument: Public workers have more than you and, worse yet, you’re paying for it.  So lets take it away from them so they can be as poor as you.  If workers use collective bargaining to obtain a livable wage, we’ll take away that right too!  This race to the bottom is not only a race to slash wages, benefits, and the overall standard of living for working people; it’s also part of a larger ideological agenda aimed at stripping workers of those rights that might actually give them some bargaining power with their employers.  So much for the old liberal dream of countervailing power. 

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