Political Motives behind Iran’s Abuses

Now the question is, how does the Islamic Republic look at the human rights issues, and what aspects of activism or belief does it see as a political threat? While some areas like freedom of press might be more apparent as a political threat, others might be harder to digest. For example, how do demands to abolish stoning as a sentence for adultery, or execution of minors, turn into a political issue for the rulers of Iran?

    The political motive behind clampdown on political activists is apparently the most vivid of all in this discussion. The Islamic Republic over the years has shown a growing intolerance toward different political factions and tendencies. At the beginning of the post-revolution era of Iran, many factions and political blocs, including leftist groups and secular nationalists, were allowed to have their political presence in the country. Gradually this tolerance grew more and more limited, to the point where reformists have been completely ousted from the political arena.


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