Iran delegation report 2: Dispelling the stereotypes; The effects of chemical weapons

Four members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 12th peace delegation to Iran sent reflections on their initial experiences in Tehran. Reports from Ray Doherty of Waitsfield, Vermont; Lynda Howland of Pittsford, New York; Carolyn Hartnett of Texas City, Texas; and Andy Jones of Wylie, Texas, are presented here.

In the first days after arriving in Iran, any initial apprehension about being in this much maligned country began to dissipate. In parks, restaurants, and museums, Iranians would approach our group out of curiosity and ask where we are from. When told we are from the United States, invariably a broad smile and a cheerful conversation would quickly follow.

Many Iranians seem astonished but delighted that Americans are visiting Iran. Although Iranians oppose U.S. foreign policy, they distinguish between the U.S. government and the individual American visitor. In spite of the occasional anti-American slogan or mural displayed in some public places by government hard-liners, there is absolutely no animosity displayed on a personal level towards the American visitor here. My initial impression is that Iranians are unfailingly polite, hospitable, and civil towards foreign visitors.

Iranians are well educated and many have a keen appreciation for music, poetry, fine art and literature. The common American misconception of Iranians as anti-American fanatics and terrorists is simply wrong; this common fallacy is the end resul…

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