Did they “kill” the long-dead Bin Laden to set up a terrifying “revenge attack” to be blamed on Iran?

Is the “killing” of the long dead Bin Laden setting us up for a nominal “revenge attack” that will be blamed on Iran and scare Americans into giving up the last of their freedoms and allowing a war or nuclear attack on Iran? This would allow the globalist power elite to take control of the last of the major oil reserves and destroy the last independent large central bank. It would give the military contractors a fresh war.

Asked why they killed the long dead bogeyman Bin Laden, so long effectively used to scare Americans into sufficiently support some very profitable military campaigns (and to take away our freedoms), I gave the following answer:

I think they have gotten all the mileage they can out of the old Bin Laden. While I would like to think the Obama administration was laying the groundwork for getting our military out of Afghanistan and Iraq and declaring an end to the so-called “war on terror”, my concern is that a powerful few that calls the shots in Washington might instead be laying the groundwork for orchestrating, in the NAME of revenge for the killing of Bin Laden, another terrifying violent attack, likely bigger than 9-11. Among the things they could do with this is blame Iran.

Iran has long been in the sights of those who largely run our country. It is has the last large oil reserves not controlled by the multinational oil companies and possibly the largest banking system, outside of China, not con…

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