There is No Such Thing as a “Moderate Muslim” 3

I just love it, folks!

There are more people starting to call the spade in the media exactly that which it is; a spade.

Cheers and “Noush” for that!

Check out this link, please, under the heading “The truth… is ugly:”

See what I’m talking about?

Also, do you recall those two Imams that had to get off of a plane recently because the pilot refused to fly it with them in it?

I was thinking to myself that they, and perhaps with the help of ACLU, may opt to sue…

Borrowing a good old American favorite idiom of mine, “I bet you dollars to doughnuts” that if they try to sue, they will eventually lose and that courageous pilot’s concern about the presence of two Muslim “clerics” (i.e. those who supposedly fully understand Islam, revere it, and preach it!) in his aircraft will be justifiably established.

That is because the terrorist nature of Islam – thanks to its “Holy Book,” let alone all the horrible acts that true Muslims, being duty bound and mandated, continue to commit to please their Allah – can be easily and irrefutably proven in our courts of law all the way to the supreme court.

It will just take some intestinal fortitude, sticking to the facts, and abandonment of illogical and unneeded political correctness.

It doesn’t matter anymore that many of our leaders including our own presidents, out of expediency, political considerations, and whatever nonsensical other reasons have fed the wrong information about Islam to us, the American citizens. You know? The stuff about Islam being hijacked by extremists, and the assertions that there are “moderate” and “extremist” Muslims.

We have been giving the Muslims who per their religious duty have tried to harm us, I mean the lucky ones who didn’t get smoked as we hunted them down, three hots and a cot and their day in the court, and we will continue to do so. 

I can’t wait for the day that Islam itself, as the cult of terror that it is, comes under judicial scrutiny in the land of the free and the home of the brave, and thereby its inherent evil is established, once and for all, in writing of our Supreme Court judges for the whole world to see.

Know Thine Enemy!

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