There has to be a mind behind the creation

I understand people’s anger against religion or as I would like to call it ” false religion ”

It is not the creator of the universe that needs to be rejected as “opium of the people,” but rather the false religion of legitimation and by that I mean a religion that legitimating oppression of any kind including women and human rights. The European intellectual, in particular, Karl Marx, overlooked this. He, along with European Christian intellectuals who had become critical of religion, had not under stood the importance of this difference. Further more they reached to this conclusion by experiencing the false religion and by never being present at the time of the real deal.

As a scientists I am amazed by how this world inside and out side of my body is functioning… Thousands scientific papers are being published yearly and yet we are still no where even close to our understanding and knowledge of the creation ….. it is unbelievable …… it is amazingly beautiful…… and I, by no means, can deny the existence of a brilliant mind behind all of these.

We have come a long way and we no longer live in the middle ages.

With today’s discoveries in science and the fact that science has been more a proof of existence of an intelligent design / designer of universe rather than non existence of it , then we can not and should not let us live in the middle ages and deny everything as a revenge to the ruling religious hypocrites. We should move on with the speed of scientific discoveries rather than staying in the past.

Einstein was a genius with a brain functioning in the future. When he was asked that if he believes in God or not he answered:

” which God? There are two Gods … one is the one who people have created and one is the one who has created and governs the entire universe ”

We do not have a brain that functions in the future but we probably do not need it because we ourselves are living in the future.

Watch this amazing video ….. It just leaves me speechless and that is just inside a tiny cell .. WOW

The Inner Life of a Cell …..

reminds me of this Ayat of Quran……

“We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe
until it will become quite clear to them
that it is the truth.
Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things? ( 41:53)”

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