Ahmadi-nejad finally to disappear. His IRIRG & Mullah backers circle wagon with Khamenei & Khatami



1. Iranian.com held off on news articlefor soe 48 hours.

2. The news here is the vastly expanded version, with more key details of London Telegraph’s artice. Therefore, forced to give a longer story to completely inform the reader.

3. Farsi translation is shortened a bit at end du to rush.

4. Please forgive polished editing.  Thanks, IY  


Finally, President Ahmadi-nejad, will departUsing failsafe routine, i.e., “insanity defense”Military & Clerical  Leadership Give Hearty Blessing Ahmadi-nejad, who mostly love to hate, Iranian certainly for real, and some, by faking it, the Netanyahu branch of  Israeli  politicians.  They would sorely miss him, for whatever arrangement they had under the table, he sure was worth billions of $$$ in sweat-free cash. President Mahmoud Ahmadi-nejad  is ‘happily ever after’  going  to be “stepped down”  by just about the whole regime, both the handful mullah still standing, the two most visible among them being Ayatollahs Khamenei and  Mesbah Yazdi. Ayat. M. Yazdi, that up until yesterday was Mr. Amadi-nejad’s   most ardent supporter and source of emulation.  The most important factio… >>>

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