The Supreme Blasphemer makes Danish cartoonist look tame by comparison

Most cults start as spin-offs of major religions.  Christianity, Islam and even the Mormons have produced their share.  Today an entire nation (Iran) has fallen under control of a cult.  If you forget how cults work, go online and look up David Koresh or Jimmy Jones and his People’s Temple.  The Leader–a father figure–develops megalomania.   Using totally arbitrary interpretations of religion, he inflicts horrors on his flock.  Cults frequently develop specially assigned “lieutenants” to compel obedience when anyone became skeptical.

Mr. Khamenei follows a pattern identical to that of Koresh and Jones. 

Megalomania?  Sayyid claims equality with Mohammed in diciphering Allah’s will.  Compusion?   Encircled by “religious” guards (lieutenants), his people have strict orders to take the word of “The Great Father” on every pronouncement.  Dissent?  Questioning any deed–no matter how evil–is tantamount to apostacy–a “crime against God (Khamenei?)”  for which one may be hung, flayed or beheaded.  

All Iranians need now are some large tanks of Kool-Aid laced cynanide.

NINE THINGS ALLAH “FORCES” KHAMENEI TO DO (assuming you can believe this tyrant) 

1. ALLAH HIMSELF commanded that Khamenei rig the 2009 elections (We can take Khamenei’s word for it that Allah hates reform and democracy and can’t stand the idea that people should have any substantial say in government at the expense of the clergy).

2. ALLAH HIMSELF insisted that Khamenei order the hetersexual and homosexual rape of young folk who complained.

3. ALLAH PERSONALLY ordered Khamenei to create death squads to liquidate reform-oriented intellectuals, journalists and politicians.

4. ALLAH PERSONALLY insisted that Khamenei imprison, torture or murder anyone who questions the regime’s (Allah’s) actions.

5. ALLAH PERSONALLY demands rigged and secret trials in which all evidence comes from confessions derived from torture.

6. ALLAH PERSONALLY insists Khamenei see that anyone who objects to any of this is beaten to a pulp.

7.  Using Khamenei as His intermediary, ALLAH PERSONALLY dispatches the IRCG, Basilj and Iranian Hezbollah to stomp skeptical clerics and trash their homes and mosques.

8. ALLAH PERSONALLY loves attacks on the funerals of slain demonstrators and anyone who mourns there.

9. ALLAH PERSONALLY orders Khamenei to target spouses, parents, children, friends and defense attorneys of political prisoners in the name of “good” Islam.  

Relying on common sense, the Iranian people must understand that if Allah did not want these things to happen, Khamenei would never engage in such behavior.   As the Being Giving The Orders (if you believe Khamenei) Allah himself–not Khamenei–is the Ultimate Rapist, Torturer, Murderer and Election Rigger.   Like Adolph Eichman, the Supreme Leader, the IRCG, Basilj, etc. are “only following orders.”


Among the gulllible, it is widely believed that such orders are transmitted to Khamenei via a private, celestial cell phone.  Unfortunately we cannot confirm that rumor.  In the Supreme Father’s own words, “Allah forbids anyone but myself to use the Holy Device.” 

Meanwhile we must simply obey, suppress all doubts and take good old Sayyid’s word for everything. 

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