Fnally, Ahmadi-nejad being let go

Ahmadi-nejad is to be “stepped down” by just about the whole regime, both the handful mullah still standing, the two most visible among them being Ayatollahs Khamenei and Mesbah Yazdi. Ayat. M. Yazdi, that up until yesterday was Mr. Amadi-nejad’s most ardent supporter and source of emulation. The most important faction to have been behind Mr. Ahmadi-nejad is, of course, the Sepah Pasdaran (Revolutionary Guard). His commander also declared his corp.’s acquiescence to Ahmadi-nejad sacking.

At this juncture it’s not clear if President Ahmadi-nejad has, himself, also signed off on his dismissal.

This escapade is what the high command of the Islamic Republic political geniuses have been able to come up with , after having pushed aside the one person, Ayatollah Rafsanjani, who could be considered the one real political animal the Islamic republic had.

Now what is the rush with the decision. It was moved into execution/operational phase within hours of the regime getting the confirmation of the International Court of Justice in the Hague was to hand down its indictment of Col. Kaddafi, his son, and his chief of intelligence at any moment.

Their plan in its haste was to come up with their announcement beating the Hague’s one by whatever hour or minute, just to let them claim that their decision had nothing to do with the Hague. This being a childish and laughable claim is beside the point, for people have seen far worse theatrics almost daily in the past year or two, particularly since the fake election.

The plan, in short, is tentatively set to go into action according the below scenario:
They’re claiming that all the butchery of people was done under the direct order of President Ahmadi-nejad. Right now, all the known character are preparing to go into high gear to each affirm the other that “certainly, it was AN’s fault. “Everybody” in Iran knows that nobody else, especially the Leader had anything to do with it. In fact ALL in Iran know how vehement the leader was in trying to stop Ahmadi-nejad from ordering the security forces. There will be witnesses who will give interviews testifying to being present at Beit-e- Rahbary (Leader’s Palace) when they saw with their own eyes how the Ayatollah was fighting with, arguing with, and I the end would often burst into sobbing, for Mr. Ahmadi-nejad to stop his violent confrontation, but the President just would go about doing his own. And since he is responsible for internal security, because police force is under him by the constitution, the leader did not want to be accused of having stopped him from doing his constitutionally granted responsibility of maintaining the law and order.

The evolutionary guard will also claim a similar defense. All they did, is what every state in the world does. In America, retain, Japan, you name it. That is, when the police becomes incapable of holding law and order, they always request Para-military (aka, National Guard ) help and if that don’t suffice, then ask for the Army’s help. We have this kind of situation during Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans in the U.S. We have similar situation when Chechen terrorists used bombs all over Moscow. We have this in India.

We also acted under similar situations. We just provided the absolute minimum, way under what they were asking. Otherwise, they were threatening to blame all the damage, destruction, mayhem and casualties on s for refusing their legal demands, which every country observes routinely.

Now the regime has already gotten into high gear in getting this scenario.
Remember the whole show is for the foreigners, that is , the West. They are already setting up their defense. And from their actions and talks since yesterday, it is clear where they intend to go with it.

1. Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is already on the record: That Mr. Ahmadi-nejad is certainly under a “spell”, otherwise, since I know him for decades, I can attest to his character being totally strange to these kinds of actions. It must certainly sorceress who have taken possession of his mentality, and his souls, otherwise no sane person, or even somewhat of a goofy one never acts like him. I fl so bad for him and for is family. I think even sinister Yogi or hypnotist, or people into witchcraft must be involved in having put him under this sinister spell, which is so strong that poor Ahmadi-nejad cannot rescue himself. I have advised that we must bring in experts to break this evil curse which has taken control of our poor President, and forces him to do things that no rational person, certainly least f all our soft and gentle president could ever bring himself to do.
Ayatollah Mesbah is (cleverly, he must boast to his close aides) setting the classic case for what in the West is called “insanity defense”.

2. However, by far, the most sinister play is performed by “people’s president” , the good-guy, the one who by the fact of being the one who should file such a request for indictment, Mr. Dr. Hojatol-Eslam, Mohammad Khatami.

At the same time yesterday, in obviously coordinated actions, the other leg of for drawing a protective curtain around Mr. Khamenei, Yazdi, Mojtaba, and the Commander of IRRG fell. It came in the form of the most unusual, to say the least- of a –s ort of – communiqué issued y none other than our gentle former President, calling on the people of Iran and the Leader to forgive and forget each other. There was some little misunderstanding between the two sides, and it’s now gone. There was no animosity, for I wouldn’t even call it that. If this most untimely, and strange declaration confused some, especially as to its timing, they should not go any further.

Mr. Khatami, as the best known opposition figure is clearly the very person who should be in the forefront of filing complaint to the Hague, and setting the stage for the Libyan-style indictment that the above people are petrified of. Mr. Khatami’s declaration, thus, was not toward the Iranian nation at all. It was indented for the ears of the West and the Hague.

A careful reading of Hojatol-Islam Khatami’s declaration clearly says that there was never and there is now any big confrontation between the people and their leader ship. And I am telling the world emphatically that I, as the best known opposition leader, that what this country and its people want is to have this Absolute Ruler of Islamic Jurisprudence of Iran. They want this regime. And I can emphatically on behalf of all those calling themselves as opposition, that we all must and will solve whatever small issues under his astute leadership that is currently running the country. He is our leader, he is also our absolute ruler. And come what may, we must have him s our leader, and this system and the only form under which Iranians will have to live. So, you will not find any (legitimate) person who will ever file a credible complaint against this current leadership.

With this declaration, he obviously caught Mr. Mousavi nd Mr. Karrubi, of-guard, assuming positively, that they would have at least demanded some conditions for people having gone thru decades of the rule by terror and for the Nedas and Sohrabs who gave it all for these two specifically.

A few personal words: must the people deserve the likes of Mr. Khatami as their leader? Will it ever come the time they would start equating him with other dictators; and seeing him just as one of them. For with this treachery, at the least he ruined the best shot people had at getting some serious demands. He even didn’t have the courtesy to have a common declaration of common demands with the other two, it would seem more courageous people. Knowing that, he pulled the rug even out of their feet. How would we then expect him to treat the people – lest we ever forget, are what he and the other side, consider us “the rabble, the dirt” of the earth. For in their tightly defined hierarchical system, it is they who always are and will be the “the chosen”; “the ulema”. The most we, the people, ever deserve to become, is to be their imitator, or immolator. For ever and ever, we are seen as the “commoner” vis-à-vis them who are “the selected, the learned”. Into their whole vocabulary, their worldview is interwoven – it has been hidden in front of us for centuries.

It seems that the promise of removing Ahmadi-nejad, whom Khamenei and Company had to get rid of, not to please Mr. Khatami, but to save their own body in the Hague, next to Kaddafi, was enough to pretend temporary blindness by Mr. Khatami. This is the second time that he lets people down in a major way, with no shame, which he does not any to begin with – for he is part and parcel of this regime of the chosen few vs. multitudes of us, commoners. We can all bet that Mr. Khatami, will never abandon the life and a system based on protecting his (personal) privileged life in a society based on Master/Surf relations. He truly believes in such system; he has been repeating it at every occasion.

What are the people to do? For we seem at every turn to hand a dagger to those we know for fact will push it onto our back or in our chest. Despite knowing we’ll be stabbed for close to 100%; for some unknown reason, we hope this time, it just might be “the cat”. Is it Mr. Ahmadi-nejad who is under an evil spell, or we the commoner?

Yekta Barikbin

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