Canadian Documentary On First Months Following The Iranian Revolution

Canadian Journalist  René Mailhot speaks to Iranian intellectuals across the political spectrum of Iran’s civil society who supported the revolution ranging from students, religious clerics to socialists ( including fedayeen aka Iranian maoists ) and nationalists. The Film was made a few months after the downfal of the Shah’s regime. Amongst those interviewed in order of appearance are: Student Roya Razi, Iranologue Ignatius Al Sissi, Chahriar Heshmati university teacher and member of the National Democratic Party of Iran, a Maoist Student (unidentified), Ayatollah Yahya Nouri, an unidentified student. various women speak about the mandatory Chador.

Documentary first aired on 30th March, 1979:

French Description:

Date de diffusion : 30 mars 1979

En 1979, le retour en Iran de l’ayatollah Khomeiny, chef spirituel de la résistance contre le chah, annonçait la mise en place d’une démocratie participative. L’ayatollah instaure plutôt une république islamique, un régime basé sur la charia, la loi du Coran.

À l’époque, le journaliste René Mailhot s’est rendu en Iran pour couvrir les événements entourant la révolution islamique.

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