Obama Administration Must Support Syria and Iran

Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, sees the Islamic Republic of Iran as its closest ally in the region.  While Al-Assad has pledged to help find a peaceful solution to the nuclear dispute between the West and Iran, he continues to support Hamas and Hezbollah.  Meanwhile it has been revealed that Syria had obtained a sophisticatedradar system and other military equipment , which were shared with Hezbollah, Iran and Syria’s Shiite radical client with a vehemently anti-American ideological agenda   The Obama Administration has cautiously reached out to Syria advocating open negotiations and better relations.  Believing that Syria is a key regional player that cannot be ignored it sent, George Mitchell, the US special envoy to the Middle East to meet with the Syrian president. Yet these negotiations have fallen on deaf ears as Al-Assad publicly humiliated the United States.   The Administration uses a two-fold approach to address the pro-democracy protests in the Middle East and North Africa.  One the one hand it pushes one tyrant to go, and on the other it calls Al-Assad a “reformer”.  The Administration has advocated a muted message on Syria. Similar to mass protests in Iran calling for end of the tyrannical Iranian government the people have been ignored.<... >>>

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