Ties with Iran on back burner due to Egypt’s domestic problems

Despite the popular uprising in Egypt, which resulted in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, unfortunately, there is still no clear roadmap for the reestablishment of Tehran-Cairo relations, and Egypt’s interim government has done almost nothing to restore diplomatic ties. 

But Nabil el Arabi, the current Egyptian foreign minister and the new Arab League secretary general, has expressed some positive remarks in this regard. Of course, Egypt is going to distance itself from the United States and its previous policies in the Middle East, but despite all this, there is no clear determination in Cairo to start the process. 

This could be due to the fact that Egypt does not have a stabilized governing system. The country has yet to elect a new president or members of other policymaking institutions. In addition, remnants of the previous despotic regime remain in power in the form of the military council that is running the government and other centers of power without direct and close consultation with the people and political parties. Thus, the resumption of diplomatic relations between Iran and Egypt is a demand of the Egyptian people that cannot be correctly understood in the current system. 

The prospect of reestablishing Iran-Egypt relations is very promising, and this has been recognized by various segments of Egyptian society. Iran enjoys a great deal of spiritual influence in the re… >>>

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