Former Israeli intelligence chief to Netanyahu: Don’t attack Iran

  • Meir Dagan is the former head of Israel’s Mossad
  • He says an attack on Iran to stop Iran’s nuclear program would provoke a regional war
  • An attack would leave Israel with an “impossible” challenge, he says
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has maintained all options should be considered

Jerusalem (CNN) — Israel’s former top intelligence official says the country does not have the ability to stop Iran’s nuclear program and that a pre-emptive attack against the Islamic Republic would result in a regional war that would pose Israel with an “impossible” challenge.

“We do not have the ability to stop Iran’s nuclear program. In the best case scenario we can push it off a bit,” said former Mossad chief Meir Dagan in widely reported remarks to a Tel Aviv leadership conference Wednesday.

“It is important to know what the outcome of an attack on Iran would be, what would happen on the day after and what situation Israel would find itself in on the international stage,” Dagan said.

“An attack on Iran would mean regional war, and in that case you would have given (Iran) the best possible reason to continue the nuclear program because the Iranians would then claim, ‘We have been attacked by a foreign country that is reported to have a military nuclear capability. Now we have no choice but to defend … against a … >>>

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