How are Bosnia’s Serbs getting Israeli arms?

Israeli officials don’t deny foreign press reports that Bosnian Serbs

have regularly fired Israeli-made shells at Sarajevo and use Israeli

light weapons.  The only dispute is over how the weaponry gets there:

Pro-Bosnian activists here charge government support of Serbia: officials

blame third parties.


“The Serbs have large quantities of Israeli arms, and they couldn’t

have gotten there without the Israeli authorities being aware,” charges

Daniel Kofman, a Hebrew University lecturer who heads the Israel Public

Committee for Bosnia.


Responds a spokesman for overseeing Israeli arms sales abroad: “We

strictly observe the U.N. embargo and have not sold any weapons there”

since the U.N. announced the ban on sales to the combatants in April

1992 [sic].


A foreign Ministry spokesman adds: “We’re not responsible for how

arms move around once they leave Israel”.  And Ori Orr, chairman of

the Knesset Foreign Affairs and D… >>>

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