Azar Nafisi in bed with Jonathan Franzen, John Irving, Jane Austin

The Connecticut Forum’s “Forum Book Club” on Saturday, May 7, 2011, withauthors Azar Nafisi and Jonathan Franzen and moderator Colin McEnroe. Writers John Irving, Jonathan Franzen and Azar Nafisi took the stage at The Bushnell Theater in Hartford on Saturday for a spirited and enlightening conversation about their craft, their lives and the world we live in. (Full Debate Should Soon be available Online Here )

Azar Nafisi on being in bed with Jonathan Franzen, John Irving, Jane Austin and others :

Azar Nafisi explains what she does with authors in bed and why she doesn’t want to know them as people. Nafisi participated at The Connecticut Forum’s “Forum Book Club” with authors Jonathan Franzen and John Irving and moderator Colin McEnroe.

John Irving – “If Ahab had a family, maybe he wouldn’t have given a crap about the White Whale!”

John Irving discusses dysfunction in literature, and touches on classic examples of REAL literary dysfunction and how classic novels would be unrecognizable without it.

Jonathan Franzen – What makesa family dysfunctional?

Jonathan Franzen explains whyhe hates the word “dysfunction” and describes his own version of a”dysfunctional family”

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