Iranian Women Lead the Persian Spring

On Thursday June 2, 2001, women’s rights activist, Haleh Sahabi (aged 54) was killed as a result of brutal beatings by the Iranian regime’s security forces. Her body was later snatched from her house and buried secretly to curb the outcry of the family, friends and ordinary Iranians. Haleh, a political prisoner, had been let out of prison temporarily to attend her father’s funeral. The regime’s heinous actions drew outrage at home and abroad. The State Department condemned “the killing of Iranian activist Haleh Sahabi in the strongest possible terms.” Britain also called for an immediate investigation into her death.   Haleh’s killing is the latest case of state-sponsored murder by the regime ruling Iran. The past three decades abound with examples of state-sponsored killing of dissidents. On April 8, 2011, Tehran used its Iraqi proxies to crack down on exiled opponents. The Iraqi Army, using armored personnel carriers and Humvees, attacked unarmed Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, killing 35, including eight women, and injuring hundreds. The 29-year-old Asieh Rakhshani, raised in Northern California, was one of eight women. She was shot at close range, while filming the attack on Ashraf. She graduated in Albany, California majoring in journalism. A caring, conscientious and intelligent girl, she decided to join her fellow comrades in Ashraf in the quest fo… >>>

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