Favorite Poems


To be a poet you must know the pain
you must be familiar 
with the moments of lonliness
and be lost in the depth of darkness……

Your poem
a window to your soul
that carries light
a breathe you take
to stay alive……

Your poem
your voice
your song……..

Cry Love from the depth of your existance
you have nothing but your heart to share
if you truly are a poet….

 HSk ( aka Darya)


I have a personal little corner on line ( I am a blogger ) where, among many other things, I store poems that I read daily, here and there , and happen to love. I actually have gathered quite a big collection of poems there. I thought to start a similar blog on IC and add to it as a poem comes my way and captures my heart or share with you some that I already have in my collection.

Feel free to join me anytime and add any favorite poem of yours written by your favorite poet or even an unknown ones who you come across on the internet. This way we can create a priceless collection of poems that have touched our hearts ……  



The photo is the summer view taken through the window of my car ( Summer 2010 , Stanford, CA ) 

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