Syrian Crisis: Why is Hillary Clinton still accusing Iran?

Syrian troops trying to quash three months of protests are committing “alleged breaches of the most fundamental rights”,  while 1,100 unarmed civilians have been killed in the crackdown says a UN report.

The report reveals how the use of live ammunition against mostly unarmed civilians has killed around 1,100 people, and also documents arrests on a massive scale. Investigators believe as many as 10,000 people have been detained.

“The most egregious reports concern the use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians, including from snipers positioned on rooftops of public buildings and the deployment of tanks in areas densely populated by civilians,” the reports states, before denouncing “the excessive use of force in quelling demonstrators, arbitrary detentions, summary executions, torture”.

As they were denied entry to the country, investigators were forced to use evidence from rights groups and people who had fled Syria, only.

The report also confirms that the authorities reportedly denied civilians the right to food and medical care by laying siege to towns and preventing the delivery of food supplies and medicines, it adds.

“As of mid-June, the number of those killed during such incidents is believed to have exceeded 1,100 persons, many of them unarmed civilians; among them were women and children, “the reports claims.

Reports of alleged violations of the rights to … >>>

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