The role of Iran has increased

It seems that the relations between Iran and Russia, Iran and the West will be changed because of the events which we had in the Middle East, in the Arab world, etc. So, we have to be careful because nobody knows how it will evaluate in Iran itself. We know about Iranian presence in the situation, in the conflict, but at the same time we have to understand that in this situation Iran, I mean President Ahmadinejad and his government, must be more pragmatic as they were for. The problem is not only in impact of the Middle East situation, the situation in the Arab world on Iran, but how Iran is able to take this impact. So, from that point of view, I think that Iranian-Russian relations can achieve a new form. I do not want to predict, I do not want to say that it will practically change but something like a new component will emerge. So, do not laugh at me but the situation is for some reasons predictable, but in general the role of Iran has increased.

Does that mean that we actually need to go for larger engagement of Iran in international affairs?

Yes, it does. From two points of view: first of all, it is a typical political approach, and the second one is the religious approach, I mean the relations between Sunni and Shiah communities. I do not know if it is necessary for Iran to use if not confrontation but misunderstanding between the two communities – Sunni and Shiah. Anyway, I think that there are some forces …

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