Happy Fathers Day my brave compatriots.

Today I was woken up even earlier than usual by the excited shouts of “Happy Fathers day” by my four boys. Having had a sip at the freshly brewed coffee and a bite at the cake made by the wife for the occasion, my thoughts soon drifted to the Fathers back home, perhaps less fortunate than myself…

I thought of Tens of Thousands of fathers who have had the lives of their children, the loves of their lives, cut short by the criminal munsters ruling my country Iran. I thought of the fathers whose children are jailed, tortured and raped for their love of Iran, human values and democracy. I thought of the fathers who are themselves killed or imprisoned by these islamist fascists, because of their thoughts, their love for Iran and Iranians. I thought of their children….

To All of you my beloved freedom loving, patriotic compatriots: Happy Fathers day!

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