Iranian et al invent ‘invisibility carpet’

An Iranian post-doctoral student is on a research team, which has managed to invent a special coating, which makes objects invisible despite the presence of light.

The 33-year-old named Dr. Majid Gharghi created the ‘invisibility carpet cloak’ at the University of California, Berkeley in cooperation with his fellow researchers, ISNA reported on Saturday. 

The device enables concealment by changing the course of the light as it approaches the object’s irregularities, causing it to refract from the object in the way it refracts from a flat surface. 

The head researcher Prof. Xiang Zhang says, “The carpet cloak means that you conceal the object under a layer, which we call carpet, but you see the carpet like a normal mirror, as if it is flat with no bump caused by putting the object underneath.” 

“This way, the observer won’t recognize something is concealed underneath.” 

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